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APD Reminders

When to Call

The Austin Police Department (APD) recommends that if there is a problem or an offense “in progress,” call 911 and make a complaint. In order to have this complaint followed through, the caller must also request an officer come and speak with him/her.

For all other calls or complaints 311 is the number for something which has already occurred and is not an emergency. APD strongly recommends that if you feel that a call to 311 is not satisfactory, by all means, call 911.

Assistant City Manager over APD, Chief Michael McDonald, has requested that the word get out about the operator’s response to a call; if a caller feels that the operator’s response at 911 is inappropriate in any way, he/she should ask to have the operator’s supervisor call back immediately. Hang up and wait for the supervisor’s call.

NUNA has a new district representative from APD: Gary Griffin. Email him at: Gary.Griffin@austexas.gov

Curfews and Noise Levels - Tips

We are an eclectic neighborhood with many kinds of people living here, including students. It is not a predominately student neighborhood, and it is sometimes necessary to remind those who are not permanent residents that they live here alongside permanent residents: families with young children, professionals such as doctors and nurses, UT professors, and older residents.

Because of our unique composition, it is important to remind them of the rules regarding noisy parties and loud music that the City of Austin enforces through the Austin Police Department. The neighborhood residents routinely notify the police if there are noisy, disturbing parties in progress, and the police officers will come and shut them down.

If any resident is having problems with noise, noisy parties, something currently, in progress, please call 911 (not 311) to report the problem. Please also ask for a reference number.

Useful Info

Call 3-1-1 for any City of Austin department, service, or question

When you dial 3•1•1, your call is answered by a friendly and knowledgeable City of Austin Ambassador. City Ambassadors are always ready to answer any question, or assist with any issue you may have regarding any City of Austin department or service.  City Ambassadors are ready when you are; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. Your all day, any day, information center.

Also see this page - Who to Call - for more information.


Useful Links (in Alphabetical Order)

ATXN (formerly Channel 6) Austin
Live and Recorded Coverage of Council, ZAP, PC, BoA, etc.

Cell Phone Tower Map for Austin
Lists all the cell phone tower locations in Austin. Granted this may not be the most important informtation for most people but it does serve as a talking point for what is taking place at "Sparky Park". You can also use this site to help determine which cell phone company offers the best coverage.

City of Austin 3-1-1
You can call 3-1-1 (or 512-974-2000) or fill out an on-line form for a variety of services such as: Curb/Gutter Repair, Debris in Street, Pedestrian Flasher, Pothole Repair, Sidewalk Accessibility Issues, Sidewalk Repair, Parking Sign Maintenance, Sign - Street Name, Traffic Sign Maintenance, Street Resurfacing Inquiry, Traffic Calming, etc.

City of Austin Building Plan Review Permitting and Inspections

City of Austin City Council Meeting Center
City Council, committees, commissions, boards, member, calendars, agendas, work sessions, meetings and council minutes.

City of Austin City Council Meetings - Closed-Caption Transcripts
This is a great thing if you do not have time to watch a 3-hour public hearing, but want to follow an issue.

City of Austin Code Online
This site contains the Austin, Texas Code of Ordinances and the Land Development Code is current through November 2014.

City of Austin Code - General Info

City of Austin Development Map Viewer
This is a powerful GIS tool for identifying current and historical zoning and subdivision cases, aerial photos, floodplain features, land Use, political boundaries, etc.

City of Austin Development Review Case Information
Set the date range and type "%" into the "Case Number" field.

City of Austin Police Department Numbers
This page lists a number of helpful phone numbers including: robbery tip line, sex crimes tip line, auto theft tip line, abandoned vehicle tip line, and many more.

City of Austin Resource Recovery (formerly Solid Waste Services)

Current Crime Information - Crime Viewer
Last 18 months of crime information through an interactive mapping program called the Crime Report Viewer. The crime information is from a database of official police reports. Searches may be accomplished using several geographic boundaries: neighborhood associations, Police sectors or districts, zip codes, census tracts and a rectangle search tool that can search anywhere in the city. Additionally individual addresses may be entered and crime information searched within 500 or 1,000 feet of that address. Updates to the crime information database occur daily and go back the last 18 months from each day.

Floodplain Maps & Info
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) updated Austin's floodplain maps, and the new maps are now available for public comment. Find out if you are in a floodplain and what that means to you and your property.

ATXfloods.com - This is a real time map of flooded areas and closures due to flooding.

Lost Pet
If you have lost a pet, the city's website has information to help you. You can search the Austin Animal Center as well as the hourly updated Found Pet Map

Travis Central Appraisal District (TCAD)
Registered owners for last year's tax cycle, appraised values, and links to plats.

Travis County Office of Public Records
This is a powerful tool showing deeds, affidavits, liens, transfers, declarations, and restrictive covenants.


Common City Code Violations

City codes protect the health, safety and quality of life of Austin residents.

Click HERE for general information about the violations listed BELOW:

• Adult-Oriented Businesses
• Apartments/Rentals in Substandard Condition
• Businesses and Industry
• Construction or Remodeling without a Permit
• Dangerous Structures
• Fences
• Fire Damaged Buildings
• Garage Sales
• Garbage Carts Left at the Curb
• Illegal Dumping
• Junk & Accumulated Rubbish
• Mobile Vendor on Private Property
• Number of People Living in a Residence
• Running a Business from Home
• Signs
• Stagnant Water
• Storage of Vehicles
• Swimming Pools
• Tree Limbs Blocking Right-of-Way
• Weeds/Grass over 12 inches